two in review: november/december 2010

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Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

two in review: november/december 2010

earlier in the year, i began a new blog series, of sorts, in which i compiled a mix of the best music i had discovered in the preceding two months. the series and mixes are called, two in review. here’s what i wrote in the original blog post:

i consume a lot of music. it’s probably some kind of music ADD thing. i should probably seek out some kind of music junkies anonymous meeting or engage in some kind of full-out intervention. ultimately, i just love music and thus, consume quite a bit on any given week or month.

two in review: november/december 2010

as the long-time (or even short-time, i guess) blog readers know, i write about and review music semi-regularly. for awhile, i was attempting to write a series simply called, music you should know, which featured some of the new music i was discovering. as with most of my well-intentioned series, it didn’t last. but, consistently, i really would like to share about the new music i’m discovering. often, it just gets lost in the shuffle of more pressing blog posts and generally speaking, if it goes past a few weeks of its release date, i tend to just move on. regretfully, many great albums that are worth sharing about go unmentioned on the blog.

i’m going to attempt to remedy that problem. starting today, i’m going to focus on an overview of a couple month’s worth of new music, rather than reviewing individual albums (i will likely still do that a little, if time allows or i fell particularly compelled). every two months, i plan to publish a downloadable mix called two in review. it will feature 20ish standout tracks from the standout albums i’ve bought over the previous 2 months. so, for this inaugural edition, it will feature music that was either released or i obtained in the months of may and june. the subsequent release will be for july/august and so on.

[longest. blockquote. ever.] 🙂

feel free to go back and check out past editions:< 1. may/june 2010
2. july/august 2010
3. september/october 2010

another couple months have passed by, so it’s time to once again bring you two in review. enjoy.

here’s the lineup for the november/december 2010 edition:

1. lippy kids / elbow [from the forthcoming build a rocket boys!]
2. bodies / cee lo green [from the ladykiller]
3. shanghai cigarettes / caitlin rose [from own side now]
4. down by the water (ft. gillian welch) / the decemberists [from the forthcoming the king is dead]
5. lost in the world (ft. bon iver) / kanye west [from my beautiful dark twisted fantasy]
6. everybody talks about friends / don chaffer [from an unfinished tale, vol. 1]
7. behind the mask / michael jackson [from michael]
8. rolling in the deep / adele [from the forthcoming 21]
9. painkillers / lauren pritchard [from wasted in jackson]
10. freak usa / smashing pumpkins [from teargarden by kaleidyscope vol. 2: the solstice bare]
11. city of refuge / abigail washburn [from city of refuge]
12. company / drew grow [from the comfort feel ep]
13. hallelujah / derek webb [from democracy vol. 1]
14. four dreams / jesca hoop [from hunting my dress]
15. the cliff / emily jane white [from ode to sentience]
16. wanderingfoot / the fling [from when the madhouses appear]
17. this is the remix / girl talk [from all day]
18. hard times / joe purdy [from 4th of july]
19. wild’n cuz i’m young / kid cudi [from man on the moon II: the legend of mr. rager]
20. block after block / matt & kim [from sidewalks]

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