two in review: november/december 2011

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Friday, December 30th, 2011

two in review december 2011

two in review: november/december 2011

in mid-2010, i began a new blog series in which i compiled a mix of the best music i had discovered in the preceding two months. the series and mixes are called, two in review. you can read the original post for details of why i started this.

feel free to go back and check out past editions:

for anyone (read: nerds) who care anything about the album artwork, i’ve gone back and updated the artwork for each of the past editions.

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3. november/december 2010

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another couple months have passed by, so it’s time to once again bring you two in review. the past couple months have been a little slow in terms of new music. nevertheless, there’s still been some good music and a couple highly anticipated albums. as always, i hope this is the springboard for you to discover the fullness of these artists’ albums and catalogues.

here’s the lineup for 2011’s final edition:

1. the weeknd: d.d. [from echoes of silence]
2. punch brothers: movement and location [from their forthcoming who’s feeling young now?]
3. chris cornell: cleaning my gun [from songbook]
4. lana del rey: born to die [from her forthcoming born to die]
5. the black keys: gold on the ceiling [from el camino]
6. waterdeep: so good to have a friend [from no doubt of sunshine]
7. b.o.b. (ft. andre 3000): play the guitar [from his forthcoming strange clouds]
8. butterfly boucher: 5678! [from butterfly boucher]
9. the civil wars: oh, henry [live from daytrotter studios]
10. birdy: skinny love [from birdy]
11. gin wigmore: man like that [from gravel & wine]
12. derek webb: creed [from democracy vol. 2]
13. john mark mcmillan: sheet of night [from economony]
14. the roots: stomp [from undun]
15. alabama shakes: i found you [from alabama shakes]
16. dia frampton: walk away [from red]
17. oh land: wof & i [from oh land]
18. amy winehouse: our day will come [from lioness: hidden treasures]
19. the moth & the flame: how we woke up [from the moth & the flame]
20. common: blue sky [from the dreamer the believer]


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