get ready for ‘big love’s’ final season with a look back and exclusive clips

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Thursday, January 13th, 2011

big love season 5

get ready for ‘big love’s’ final season with a look back and exclusive clips

it’s no secret to long-time blog readers that i love big love. rarely is there a show that completely engrosses me like it (the only other show that does that for me is breaking bad). throughout the last 4 seasons, i’ve felt like a part of the henrickson family (which isn’t always a good thing…) as i’ve watched with growing anticipation.

season 4 was a bit of an enigma, with response being split. some viewed the plotline as over-the-top (including a certain, ahem, cast member…) while some viewed it as the next logical step in the chaos that surrounds bill, his 3 sister-wives and their ever-expanding family. i landed somewhere in the middle. admittedly, there were some overly fantastical moments last season, but nevertheless, the tension mounted, leaving me as glued to the screen as with any previous season.

now, we have the 5th and final season to look forward to, which premieres this sunday night, january 16th. even as a diehard fan, it’s hard to remember every thing that’s occurred that has brought us to season 5. never fear, though, hbo has assembled a handy need-to-know recap video. check this out and get caught up to speed.

oh, take a deep breath. season 5 is just about here.

as seen in the video, season 4 ended with bill choosing to out himself and his family after winning his bid for state senate. the strong undertone throughout the season was a slow unraveling and moving apart of the bill and his wives. as bill’s seemingly self-serving ambitions grew, the wives began to move in different directions. all this sets the stage for the 5th and final season.

barb seems to have reached the end of her patience with not only bill’s rise to political power but with plural marriage in general. nicki, actually, has grown closer to bill, all the while embracing a new look and a newfound emboldenment. margene is probably the most in flux, with her supposed sham marriage to goran, her awkward dynamic with ben and her desire to grow her business in light of her plural marriage exposure.

so, there’s plenty to look forward to this season. here’s a trailer that offers a few more hints (and probably even a little more mystery).

if you’re anything like me and feeling like a little kid waiting for christmas as the premiere moves closer, i’ve got a few goodies that will help to tide you over. i got my hands on 3 exclusive clips from the season 5 premiere. you don’t get too terribly much information, but you get a little bit of the vibe of the season and, at bare minimum, something to hold you over until this sunday. enjoy!