the apologetics of lebron

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Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

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the apologetics of lebron

lebron james

despite being a huge sports fan, i just don’t blog about sports that often. but every now and then, i come across something that deserves a little time here on the ol’ blog.

in this case, in the midst of the eastern conference finals (and typing this post as i watch miami blow it in game 5 to boston…), it’s a spot-on story by espn writer rick reilly about lebron james.

let me give you a very short list of my favorite athletes of all-time (not necessarily in order of importance):

steve young.
michael jordan.
lebron james.

that’s the list. there’s a lot of other peripheral athletes i love, but these are at the very top of the heap.

so, i have a vested interest in watching, over the last couple seasons, as the hate for lebron has grown to a fevered pitch. i’ve truly become more and more bewildered. for the first 7 seasons, this guy was a hero and the face of the league.

and then came the decision.

whereas the decision was truly a terrible move for lebron’s image, rick reilly brings some perspective to how we should perceive lebron. here’s the money quote:

You hate him — still! — for the way he botched the announcement of his free-agent move from Cleveland to Miami.

Forget that hundreds of people move from Cleveland to Miami every year.

Forget that dozens of NBA players change teams every year.

It was only one mistake. Has he showed up in any police reports since? Has he cheated on his fiancée ? Has he left his children stranded in the pick-up circle at school?

Has he refused to speak to reporters after a single game this season? Has he called out his teammates for their poor play, as Kobe Bryant did twice this postseason? Has he gotten his coach fired? Been fined for criticizing refs? Asked to be traded, released or named general manager?

Has he punched anybody? Choked anybody? Screamed at any parking valets? (Mom doesn’t count.)

Smashed a chair? Drop-kicked any equipment? Tiger Woods does that on the front nine.

OK, LeBron is not perfect. Threw a Gatorade cup. Punched a walking stick. Carries that stupid little man purse. But if you were to fill a plane with the most spoiled superstars in the country, he’d be boarding in the D group.

preach it, rick.

never have i come across a more succinct and spot-on apologetic for lebron truly being one of the good guys.

you can read rick reilly’s story in full here.