Best Songs of 2019

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Wednesday, December 18th, 2019

Best of 2019

Best Songs of 2019

The last couple days have featured the best cover songs of 2019 as well as the best new music discoveries of 2019. On today’s agenda is the best songs of 2019.

Let’s jump straight to it. These are the 25 best songs of 2019.

    25. Sleater-Kinney: LOVE
    24. Nicole Bus: You
    23. Yola: Faraway Look
    22. Sasha Keable: Treat Me Like I’m All Yours
    21. Lana del Rey: Doin’ Time
    20. Kanye West: Use this Gospel
    19. Jenny Lewis: Heads Gonna Roll
    18. The Highwomen: Crowded Table
    17. Elbow: White Noise White Heat
    16. The Cactus Blossoms: Downtown
    15. The Black Keys: Shine a Little Light
    14. Charly Bliss: Capacity
    13. The Highwomen: Old Soul
    12. Billie Eilish: bad guy
    11. Vampire Weekend: Sunflower
    10. Pedro the Lion: Quietest Friend
    9. Danny Brown: Dirty Laundry
    8. Kanye West Follow God
    7. Vampire Weekend: This Life
    6. Haim: Summer Girl
    5. The Black Keys: Lo/Hi
    4. Jenny Lewis: Little White Dove
    3. Hozier: Movement
    2. Bon Iver: Hey, Ma
    1. Vampire Weekend: Harmony Hall

You can find this playlist on both Apple Music and Spotify.

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